The Green Goblin

A dream about an incident involving a serial killer

Posted by 03/23/2006

A strange dream I had recently for which I have no explanation - except perhaps an unhealthy interest in forensic crime show like Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, the Case Files of Dayle Hinman.

I dreamt there was a serial killer loose in the city and I was somehow part of the investigation. At some point there is a tape recorder sitting on a squat roman column in a park. On top of the tape recorder is an action figure of the Green Goblin. The gizmo starts flying in a haphazard way - gurgling through the air for maybe 15 seconds as the tape recorder is playing and saying something evil in the evil Green Goblin voice.  This is a message from the serial killer.

Then my wife and I gather it up the apparatus and unroll the tape and take fingerprints. Because we are somehow involved in the investigation. Then we start to do a DNA analysis, and realize we don't actually know how to do that - and in fact, we are probably destroying evidence in the process. So we stop.


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